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Bone Fishing in the Bahamas at the HVAC/R training center

Bone Fishing

Bone fishing (a type of fly fishing) is a great local Bahamian experience in lovely Pigeon Creek. You’ll see egrets, sharks, and sea turtles if you’re lucky! Reef fishing is also available.

deep sea fishing in the Bahamas at the iConnect Training center

Deep Sea Fishing

For deep-sea fishing, you have a few choices. Depending on what boats are available, cost is $300 – $900, and you could bring home fish which you can enjoy and freeze to take home. They accept credit cards.

Scuba diving at the HVAC/R training program in the Bahamas

Scuba Diving

(for those certified)

Scuba diving on San Salvador is some of the best in the world.  The Riding Rock Dive Shop can take certified divers, possibly give you a one-day resort course, or full certification training with reservations.  Contact us for rates and reservations.