Steamfitters LU464“The 9420’s are an awesome tool to use with circuit training! I teach basic circuits through to more complicated motor starter circuits. This is perfect for using after walking through a circuit on the board. I bring the apprentices back and have them wire the circuit from start to finish. The 9420 “tile trainer,” as we call it, has been the Ah-Ha moment for so many of the apprentices while learning circuits. The unit allows a great deal of flexibility, so much more than the old light bulb boards that I learned on.”

Steamfitters LU464 in Omaha, Nebraska learning on the TU-9240 HVAC Electrical Control Trainer
Nick BellUA Instructor, Steamfitters LU464, Omaha, Nebraska

iConnect Training took our training not to the next level, to about three levels above the next level. It has been game-changing to be able to have the students not only repair equipment that they can troubleshoot and have to diagnose to fix it but to also see how the system works, especially in air conditioning. When the students can see the actual refrigerant cycles working, it helps them put the pieces together in their head. So, when they go out in the field, they already have an understanding on how the system is going to work. Our students put the mind with the muscle memory, and they develop those skills very quickly at an accelerated speed. We wouldn’t be able to do that without this equipment.

Testimonial about iConnect Training's HVAC training units from Dusty Rose, Senior Manager of Refrigeration for the 32 Walmart stores in New Orleans
Dusty RoseSenior Manager of Refrigeration
Walmart (32stores in New Orleans)

“The PT-181 trainers are better than I expected them to be!  They are easy to work with, the manuals are straight forward and I can’t wait to start teaching these in my classroom very soon!”


Joe CefaloHVAC Instructor
Local 219 – Akron, Ohio 44310

“I can only wish that I had the chance to work with the iConnect training units when I was a student in high school!”

Jared FischerService Technician
City of Kent
Kent, Ohio 44240

Patrick Stott, HVAC Instructor, from Fort Myers Technical College “The training units are giving students a better understanding of the electrical circuits and the refrigeration trainer is great at showing the refrigerant moving through the glass tubing.”

Patrick Stott, HVAC Instructor
Fort Myers Technical College, Fort Myers, Florida



About Fort Myers Technical College

On its 30-acre, beautiful campus located in the heart of Fort Myers, Fort Myers Technical College provides students with industry-standard technology and equipment in all classrooms and labs. Fort Myers Technical College gives students an education that enables them to become productive members of the HVAC workforce and community. Their instructors are certified and licensed teaching professionals.
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Patrick StottHVAC Instructor
Fort Meyers Technical College
Fort Meyers, Florida

The Pennsylvania Petroleum Association (PPA) - HVAC Testimonial

“Thank you again for the awesome service you provide to us, it’s noticeable, and appreciated.
Your friend in the industry, Alan Mecurio”

Alan Mecurio, Lead Technical Trainer



About PPA

The Pennsylvania Petroleum Association (PPA) is a not-for-profit trade association representing independent petroleum marketers at both the wholesale and retail levels, as well as firms supplying petroleum products and other related services.

iConnect Training units they use:

  • TU-9240 HVAC Electrical Control Trainer: This trainer gives students the opportunity to learn the basics of electricity and how to set up a control circuit. It’s designed for lessons teaching the apprentice or vocational student early in their training.
  • TU-9250 HVAC Controls Training System: This is a companion unit to the TU-9240 and is designed to show the sequence of operation of a residential heating and cooling system.
  • TU-701 Table Top Heat Pump Trainer: This training unit provides hands-on experience in troubleshooting wiring, piping and controls on a working heat pump unit. It is perfect for introducing heat pump theory since this isn’t an advanced trainer
Alan MecurioLead Technical Trainer